Pinpairoh Junveranong

Pinpairoh Junveranong Year 3A in drawing competition. She won the prize in elementary level.

Golf tournament

Pruksira Prukpaiboon Year 5A and Pruksila Prukpaiboon Year5B in Golf tournament at Watermill Golf Club and Thailand Junior Development Tour won the prizes.

Klaikangwon Jiraaroon

Klaikangwon Jiraaroon Year4A joined 4 golf tournament. She was the winner in all tournament.

Thamm Tirasuntrakul

Thamm Tirasuntrakul Year5A won the 2nd place in PAMA Thailand both Mental maths & English.

Nipoon Srimongkolthawon

Nipoon Srimongkolthawon Year2B joined in Tae kwon do and made it to the second place.

Swimming competition at Silpakorn University

Ploypapat Akarachaimethaphorn Year5A and Kemjira Kuptitham Year5B won the prize.

84 Phansa Bangbon Swimming Cup

Swimming competition at 84 Phansa Bangbon Swimming Cup, The children have made it successful. Those were Kemjira Kuptitham Year5B, Saranyakorn Sanguanphokai Year5B, Tananuch Poontana Year1B, Phruethapong Upaisilsataporn Year5B, Akarapokin Sanmanoch Year5A, Chachachaya Khiawkhajee Year3B, Nannaphat Manmhun Year3A, Tanakorn Pootana Year3A, Chatasib Surapattananon Year4A, and Teecha Sujjakul Year4B.

NS Championship 2nd

Nalin Sriprasertsuk Year2A, Tananuch Poontana Year1B, Kannatee Laisiriruangrai Year1B, Nannaphat Manmhun Year3A, Benyada Manmhun Reception A, Tanakorn Pootana Year3A, Panakorn Laisiriruangrai Year3A, Lucas Thanakrit Mauritzsor Year4A won the prize.

Satit Bangna Swimming Competition

Tananuch Poontana Year1B, Chayanisa Tejavanija Year3A, Nannaphat Manmhun Year3A, , Pootana Year3A, Lucas Thanakrit Mauritzsor Year4A won the prize.

Chatasib Surapattananon

Chatasib Surapattananon Year4A won the medal in Thammasart University Swimming Competition.

Lucas Thanakrit Mauritzsor

Born To Be The Star Swimming Competition, Lucas Thanakrit Mauritzsor Year4A won the prize.

Narajpong Rattanavich

Narajpong Rattanavich Year2A won the medal in 3 Ice hockey games. Those were Ice hockey 2019 Tropical Freeze, Ice hockey youth game in China, and Jamboree game.

Phatpitcha Taemkhornburee

Phatpitcha Taemkhornburee (Year3A) was in Maths Competition on 6th April. She won 1 gold medal.

Natchaya Benchanakatkul

Natchaya Benchanakatkul (Nursery A) joined in Gymnastic came at Thai Canadian Community Sports: Bambi Game Invitational Meet on 1 December 2018 - 2 gold medal and 2 silver medal in level Routine 1

Suwijak Prasitwanakul

Suwijak Prasitwanakul participated in Thailand Kids Golf (TKG) Tour 2018-2019 Match #10 TKG A+M championship #3 at Watermill Golf Club & Resort in April 27, 2019. He made 2nd runner up in class F-boy and overall winner​ in​ summary​ score​.

Kankawee Linjongsubongkot

Kankawee Linjongsubongkot participated in Golf U.S. Kids European Championship 2019 in Scotland. She won a trophy in class U8.

Natchanan Sunthonthip

Natchanan Sunthonthip participated in TGA Singha Junior Golf Ranking 2019-2020 at Dynasty Golf & Country Club on 1-2 June 2019. She became the winner in class E-Girl.

Narajpong Rattanavich

Narajpong Rattanavich and his team called ‘Wolf’ won the first place in U9 Youth Ice Hockey League during 27th Jan- 10th March. Moreover, he and another team called ‘Little monkey’ won 3rd place on Bangkok Fly Ice hockey tournament during 27May - 1st June 2019.

Narajpong Rattanavich

Nataksaorn Boonyakitnotai participated in “Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge 2018/2019” in May at Imperial world Ice skating. She won the first place.

Swimming competition

There were 5 swimmers who took part in swimming competition in Silpakorn University Demonstration School during 18-19 May 2019. Those were Affaarif Jevae (Year1B) who won 1 silver and 4 bronze medal, Akarapokin Sanmaoch (Year4A)won 3 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal. Punnachai Prapayon (Year3A) won 2 gold,2 silver, and 2 bronze medal. Panwaroj Wuttikul (Reception B) won 1 gold, 4 silver, and 3 bronze medal. Phruethaphong Upaisilsataporn (Year4B) won 1 gold,3 silver, 1 bronze medal.

Panwaroj Wuttikul

Panwaroj Wuttikul (Reception B) won 11silver, and 4 bronze medal in Swimming Competition at Concordian International School.

Ploypailin Lertwiwattrakul

Ploypailin Lertwiwattrakul joined in Go game and won the second place in ACC 80th Anniversary Standard Rating and Friendship Game 2018.

Nathamon Manman

In dance sport, Nathamon Manman (Year4B) who participated in 2 Thailand Youth National games35th. She won bronze medal in Latin American. She also won the 4th, 6th and one bronze medal in another competition as well.


NARAJPONG RATTANAVICH won the 3rd place (Bronze medal) in Ice hockey Jamboree game 2018.


PLOYPAILIN LERTWIWATTRAKUL won 2 gold medal in Shrewsbury Invitational Aquathon (8 years old) and became the 2nd place in Go Game at ACC 80th anniversary standard rating & friendship game.

Under 9 years old swimmers in GBAC Primary swimmimg

Under 9 years old swimmers in GBAC Primary swimmimg competition. They won 3rd place in team and made 2 gold 4 silver and 5 bronze medal.

Under 7 years old swimmers in GBAC Primary swimmimg

Under 7 years old swimmers in GBAC Primary swimmimg competition. They won 3rd place in team and made 3 silver and 1 bronze medal.

Kankawee Linjongsubongkot

from Year 3B also joined 3 golf tournament. She made it to the winner in TKG match2 in August and fourth place in the Singha junior golf in September and 4 th place in Northhill Golf club

Natchanan Sunthonthip

from Year 3A joined 3 golf tournament which were TGA, Singha jounior Golf in June and July. She became the winner.

Punnachai Prapayon

from Year3A joined 3 swimming competitions the1st was Satit Bangna Championship swimming competition and he won 1 bronze medal. the 2nd was at Thammasat and he won 1 silver and 2 bronze medal. last game was at Asuumption school and he won 2 gold and 1 silver medal.

Suwijak Prasitwanakul

from Year2B joined 3 TKG golf tournament in Nakornprathom in August, another game in September and latest game in Nakornsrithammarat in October. He became the winner in every tournament.

Napatsawat Rattanasiriwilai

from Year2B joined golf tournament which was TKG southern tour championship in Nakornsritammarat. He made it to the fourth place in F boy class.

Chatasib Surapattananon

from Year3A joined Satit Bangna Championship swimming competition. He won 1 gold and 1 bronze medal.

Poonyaphan Chanokmat

A gold medal from the Ball rhythmic gymnastics team and a bronze medal from the basic gymnastics competition at Singapore International School of Bangkok

Natchanan Sunthonthip

the winner of 4 golf competitions which were Golf championship class girls 7 and under, TGA-Singha junior golf, U.S. Kids and APJGA Thailand match play super six

Kankawee Linjongsubongkot

7 winner trophies and also came second runner up In Golf tournament

Phruethaphong Upaisilsatoporn

participating in swimming competitions, joining the chess games and becoming the first rank in Maths/ Science/ English.