The creation of our school vision involved the whole school community.

Prasarnmit Primary International Programme (PPiP) is a nurturing, inclusive school that provides children with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for their future in an ever changing world.

At PPiP, we educate and support the whole child by providing opportunities for each child to find and nurture their own unique talents and abilities. At PPiP we offer a safe environment that promotes tolerance and respect as part of an international community. We motivate our students to be happy and confident learners. We create a culture of accomplishment within a vibrant and stimulating learning environment ensuring positive reinforcement at all levels of ability through appropriately differentiated expectations. Children strive to reach their full potential and become independent learners through an engaging and creative curriculum. When pupils leave PPiP they will be confident, life-long learners who will make a positive contribution to society.

Prasarnmit Primary International Programme
2023 - 2024 School Calendar

last updated on 23 August 2023



Chinese New Year 2021 celebrations, PPiP students were happy to explore the story of Monster Nian, the traditional and modern custom, and the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. They also enjoyed many festive activities including making their Ox Masks, Chinese Lucky Knots and their own firework decorations. We wish you a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! xīn nián kuài lè!


What a festive Christmas Day we had at PPiP🎅 Our students enjoyed many activities including making Christmas decorations with their friends and teachers. We are looking forward to having more activities soon!!


It was the best spooky day ever!🕷The students enjoyed their trick or treat. They were participating in many activities including Haunted House, cup bowling, tattoo station and many more!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN 👻


To celebrate Loy Krathong festival, we began with a special assembly focused on vocabulary, the history of Loy Krathong Day, and learning about the Sukhothai Kingdom. Lastly we made our own Krathong (Lotus Krathong, Lotus-leave Krathong and Banana stalk Krathong). Well done everyone!

Year 4 Art Gallery

The Year 4 proudly arranged and presented an Art Gallery. It had a fantastic collection of everything they made and learnt about for our IPC unit Paintings, Pictures and Photographs. They spoke about Landscape Art, Abstract Art and Optical Illusion Art. Additionally, they showed off their projects: Stop-Motion animations and the verbal boxes they designed. All guests from students and teachers alike were delighted by what they saw and heard. Well done Y4!!

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