The creation of our school vision involved the whole school community.

Prasarnmit Primary International Programme (PPiP) is a nurturing, inclusive school that provides children with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for their future in an ever changing world.

At PPiP, we educate and support the whole child by providing opportunities for each child to find and nurture their own unique talents and abilities. At PPiP we offer a safe environment that promotes tolerance and respect as part of an international community. We motivate our students to be happy and confident learners. We create a culture of accomplishment within a vibrant and stimulating learning environment ensuring positive reinforcement at all levels of ability through appropriately differentiated expectations. Children strive to reach their full potential and become independent learners through an engaging and creative curriculum. When pupils leave PPiP they will be confident, life-long learners who will make a positive contribution to society.

Prasarnmit Primary International Programme
2019 - 2020 School Calendar

Edited on Jun 21, 2019



Foundation Stage: Siam Ocean World

Nursery and Reception dove deep under the ocean waves and went to Ocean World. We had an amazing time and saw some incredible sea creatures, big and small. The children loved seeing the sharks, otter show and penguin feeding. The children saw some huge fish and some tiny seahorses too. The children even got to pet the starfishes. Some children described its skin as feeling rough like that of an elephant. Visiting Ocean World was a very special day that we will remember for a very long time to come.

Year 4 explored the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Year 4 explored the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. They admired the varying displays and paid close attention to when the pieces were made and where the artists were from. This will prepare them for their upcoming IPC unit Paintings, pictures and photographs.

Year 5 - Planetarium and Bounce 

Year 5 went on their class trip to the planetarium and Bounce this week. They went to explore more for their science topics this term. We really enjoyed the talk we were given at the planetarium and pupils were especially excited to get onto the trampolines afterwards to feel the effects of gravity pulling us down. The teachers also joined in and had an amazing time!

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