PPiP End of Acedemic Year 2019

It was lovely to have the students, teachers and parents all together to celebrate this academic year. We hope everyone enjoy our PPiP End of Year Showcase! This has been such a fun year, full of wonderful memories, we are going to miss all of PPiP students this summer. We are so proud of how hard everyone have worked and how smart everyone has become. We wish you have the best time this summer and see you in August!

PPiP Sports Day 2019

It was a fantastic fun day and even though the weather wasn’t on our side. The children showed fantastic sportsmanship skills. We are so proud of them all.

Year4 Sleep Over

Year 4 had a fantastic night sleeping over in the school. We cooked our own food, had a treasure hunt in the dark and toasted marshmallows around a campfire. All of the children should be very proud of how maturely they behaved and the teachers couldn't be happier with how enthusiastic they were about all the activities. Well done everyone!

Foundation stage at Imaginia Playland

Foundation Stage went to Imaginia Playland for our IEYC topic, 'Imagine That!' We used to interactive technology to create art and music, and of we course made some time to play!

Year 4 field trip at Thai Plastic Recycle factory

 Year4 went to Thai Plastic Recycle factory. We were amazed at how much plastic is used every day in Thailand and learnt how factories recycle this, turning it in to useful materials. We thought about ways if reducing our plastic use in order to create a better future for our planet. Well done Year 4!

Year2 visited Mahanakorn Building

On 30th May 2019 Year 2 visited the second-tallest building in Bangkok, Kingpower Mahanakorn, for our IPC topic ‘What’s it made of’. We used the interactive software to explore what the buildings in Bangkok had to offer. We then sketched buildings in the surrounding area and discussed the materials and shapes of the buildings. We had such a wonderful day!

International Day 2019

We celebrated our annual International Day, the children were fortunate enough to visit 11 countries all within one morning. Children, teachers and parents all had a wonderful time exploring the booths and the various activities. Thanks again to the parents who helped make the day as successful as it was.

Year2 Wonderful Waffles

Year 2 had their Thai-culture lesson for their topic “What is it made of?.” We decided to use natural ingredients to make waffles. Lots of yummy faces were had by all and it’s a great activity before half term holidays.

Year1 visited Farm De Lek

Year 1’s visited Farm De Lek, as part of our current IPC topic ‘The Earth Our Home’. We learnt about a variety of animals, including why fish had scales and then the Year 1’s went on boats and fed the fish! As well as learning about the animals and getting to make their food and feed them, we learnt an important lesson about recycling and what might happen to the animals if we do not recycle and clean up after ourselves.

Year 3 Chocolate Lab

Year 3 went to visit the So Sofitel chocolate lab today as our entry point to our new IPC topic for chocolate. We were lucky enough to learn where chocolate comes from, how it is grown and sourced and then even got to make our chocolate using cacao. We had a lot of fun eating and tasting different types and we are looking forward to the rest of the term where we get to design our own type of chocolate bar!

PPiP Happy Songkran2019

This special day gave us the opportunity to understand the stories and traditions of Songkran. We also gained a lot of merit by expressing our respect to the Buddha statue. We sprinkled scented water on the statue and we poured scented water onto our teachers’ hands too! It’s another way to pay respect to our teachers and we were also asking for blessing. After that, we had so much fun enjoying a variety of Songkran activities. As you can see we all looked fantastic in our Thai clothes. Happy Songkran day!

Year1 Bug Ball

Year 1 had their Exit Point for their topic Plants and Insects. We held a bug ball, where the children dressed up as a plant or insect, took part in a fashion show and quizzed their parents on their learning. Lots of fun was had by all and it was a lovely way to celebrate all of their wonderful learning!

Swimming Gala 2019

In 2019 swimming gala, all swimmers have shown their great effort during the competition. Well done to all Swimmers who gave their best on swimming gala!

Year1 and Year2 visited the Butterfly Garden

On 26th March 2019, Year 1 and 2 visited the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium as part of their current IPC topics. We studied the life cycle of butterflies and even got to see butterflies being released! It was lots of fun and the children were also engaged and were asking such thoughtful questions. It was a lovely way to finish our IPC topics!

Year 4 at Museum Siam

On 26th March 2019, the children of Year 4 went to Museum Siam to bolster their historical knowledge of Thailand. As part of our IPC topic, 'Footprints From The Past', the children learnt about how Thai culture developed and how international cultures were also adopted and adapted.

Year3 in Baan Kru Thani

Year 3 went to the amazing Baan Kru Thani today, an educational rice farm. We spent the day hunting for eggs, boating, cleaning rice and even planting our own rice! It was a truly exceptional day and we had a lot of fun

World Book Day 2019

In PPiP's World Book Day 2019, we dressed up as our favourite characters. We had so much fun in our activities. Thank you for the children who brought the books to school for donation! Well done to everyone for all your amazing effort on World book day. You all looked fabulous! We hope you enjoyed the exciting activities and well done to the children who won the costume prizes.

Foundation Stage in Kidzania

On Wednesday, March 13, Foundation Stage went on an educational trip to KidZania. In a town setting the children were able to practice different jobs. They were able to role play pilots and air cabin crew for Air Asia, train to become fire fighters and rescue animals from a burning building, and play doctors and practice saving patients who are sick. We feel very safe being around our highly skilled and well trained children in Foundation Stage.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2019

Happy Chinese New Year! We learned about China through a variety of activities as we celebrated Chinese New Year. Foundation Stage designed their own Chinese drogon which is a symbol of China. Year 1 and Year 2 made Chinese lucky envelopes and money which symbolises the care of the elders to younger members of the family. Year 3 made Chinese paper cutting which will bring good fortune in the coming year. Year 4 made Chinese lanterns which are used for decoration during Chinese New Year. Wishing everyone a happy new year and good luck in the year of pig!

PPiP Christmas Showcase 2018

PPiP celebrated all of their hard work in our annual Christmas Showcase. The children were all amazing and worked so hard to prepare their performances. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Foundation Stage visited Playtime Park Lane Ekkamai

On Wednesday 28th November, 2018, Foundation Stage visited Playtime at Park Lane in Ekkamai. When we arrived, you could hear the screams of excitement from the children as they saw the giant sandpit, soft-play area complete with ball pit, slides and plenty of things to climb up, as well as air canons and the electric bike racing track. The children were able to demonstrate the language that they have been learning and developing throughout our unit, and share some truly fun experiences together. We hope the children had as much fun as the teachers had.

Fieldtrip at Bangkok Art and Culture Center

Year 4 went on a wonderful trip to the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. The students had a tour of the new exhibition, which featured lots of different artwork about the world we live in - past, present and future. It was an excellent trip and everyone had the chance to absorb some great ideas for our current IPC topic: Paintings, Pictures and Photographs.

Year 2 went to Grandpa Urban Farm.

Year 2 visited the Grandpa Urban Farm. We were introduced to the farm and how it is sustainable, showing children how they can grow things with minimum space. We saw how to grow rice, plants and vegetables. The children had the chance to ride a bicycle that sprays water over the plants and looked at how to make energy using solar power. We even got to hold a chicken!

Wonderful day at children's discovery museum

Year 1 visited the Children’s Discovery Museum and were lucky enough to take part in a variety of activities! Using toy houses we built our own version of Bangkok, learnt about dinosaurs and their skeletons, role played a variety of jobs and learnt a little bit more about ourselves. It was a wonderful day and it was great opportunity for Year 1 to learn a little bit more about our IPC topic ‘The Magic Toymaker’ as well as learning about the past and present.

PPIP Halloween

PPIP opened up our doors to monsters, witches and spooky individuals this Halloween, take a look at our magical activities!

Year 3 in Kidzania 2018

Year 3 went to Kidzania today which was a lot of fun! We worked in different jobs and learnt how to earn money in avariety of different ways. Some of us talked about our future careers but most of all we worked together as a team and had a fantastic time! We had great adventures and would love to go back to try even more jobs.

9 and under Prasarnmit Football Cup

The sun was shining and the heat rising as the teams arrived at Prasarnmit Primary School early on Saturday morning for the under 9s friendly football tournament. The teams were in good spirits and were excited to test themselves against some of the best footballers that Bangkok has to offer.

Reading Meeting

we held our annual PPiP reading meeting. Parents joined a lecture from Miss Rosie and Miss Melisa about supporting reading and writing at home then joined their child’s reading lesson. Thanks to all the parents who came and asked questions about supporting their child’s learning at home. We love having these parent engagement meetings and important conversations about continuing the learning outside the classroom. We look forward to welcoming you back into school again for another meeting soon.

Muay Thai

On 18th September 2018 KS2 were honoured to have been taught by RSM Muay Thai trainers as the entry point to our IPC topic ‘Different Places, Similar Lives’. We had a lot of fun learning about our own country’s most famous sport and can’t wait to delve more into our new topic.

PPiP End of Year Showcase 2018

PPiP End of Year Showcase 2018 We hope everyone had a wonderful day at the PPiP End of Year Showcase. It was lovely to have the students, teachers and parents all together to celebrate a great academic year! We would like to wish the best of luck to the teachers and students who will not be joining us next year. To everyone else, enjoy your summer break and we look forward to seeing you again in August!

PPiP sports day 2018

The 2018 Sports Day is in the books. Today 4th of July was a spectacular day of fun and friendship for our entire PPIP Community. We are very grateful for the cooperation, support and effort of so many in making this a wonderful day for our students.

Year 2 visited the Science Museum and Planetarium

On 26th June 2018 Year 2 visited the Science Museum and Planetarium. They had a fantastic time learning all about space!

PPiP International Day 2018

PPiP International Day 2018 Friday 25th May marked PPiP’s third annual International Day. At PPiP we pride ourselves on developing a school community that promoters international mindedness, celebrates diversity and enjoys learning about different cultures. With amazing support from our parents, teachers and children, we worked together to create an environment that was fun and educational. International Day at PPiP took our children all around the world from China, to England, Italy, France, Hungary, Norway, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Turkey and Switzerland. It was an event that allowed us to immerse ourselves in different cultures while feeling the support and unity of our own PPiP school community. Thank you to everyone for their dedication and involvement.

The Ekkamai Planetarium

On Tuesday 15th May, 2018, Foundation Stage took one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind. We blasted off on a direct course for space. After landing at Ekkamai Planetarium our PPiP astronauts explored our zero-gravity surroundings, learning about our solar system and the planets in a beautiful stargazing show. We then learnt about space rockets and other machines that have been used to explore planets light years away. We all had a truly out of this world experience.

Year3 Visited the National Science Museum

On 8th May Year 3 visited the National Science Museum as part of the topic 'Active Planet'. They were able to find out more about earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as exploring lots of interactive exhibits and watching a fun science show. We all agreed it was a great day out.

Reception gymnastics competition

Reception gymnastics competition - tucked and piked shapes

Year 1 A and B had a very exciting day visiting Madame Tussauds

Year 1 A and B had a very exciting day visiting Madame Tussauds today. Children examined the wax works of world leaders, actors and singers, as well as people from the past. Children engaged in many different activities and learnt about a famous artist, Pablo Picasso, and a musician and composer, Beethoven. We all had an excellent day!

Year 2 Entry Point

Today, Year 2 visited the university grounds for the Entry Point to their new topic ‘Buildings'. The children completed observational drawings of their favourite buildings. All the teachers were very impressed with the children’s sketching, well done Year 2!

PPiP swim gala 2018

PPiP swim gala 2018. Well done to Earth who were the eventual winners.

Happy Songkran Activity 2018

Happy Songkran 2018

World Book Day 2018

On Friday 2nd March PPiP celebrated World Book Day. Our students and teachers came in dressed as their favourite book characters and we celebrated by sharing our favourite stories together. Our Extreme Reading Photo Competition winners were announced and prizes were given to the student wearing the best costumes from each year group. We ended the day with the PPiP Student Council’s Charity Book Sale, which raised a huge 7,851 baht for the Foundation For Slum Child Care charity. Thank you everyone for your donations, participation and generosity.

Year 2 Water World entry point

Today, to celebrate the start of our new topic Water World, Year 2 visited Siam Ocean World. The children saw many different beautiful and colourful fish and water creatures and used their

GBAC swimming Gala 2018

GBAC Swim Gala February 2018: 7&under champions 9&under champions Well done to all the children involved.

Foundation stage visited Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Foundation stage visited Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World to learn more about sea creatures for our current unit 'Ocean Treasures'. We had a fantastic day discovering new animals and seeing some of our all time favourites including sharks, turtles, penguins, sting rays, crabs and many more. We are excited to continue our learning of our worlds amazing oceans over the coming 4 weeks!

Year 1 visited Sampran Riverside in Nakhon Pathom

Year 1 visited Sampran Riverside in Nakhon Pathom. We spent the day at the beautiful Thai cultural village taking part in a range of traditional Thai activities and workshops. Some of them included music, dance, pottery, cookery, flower garland making, herbal compress making and parasol painting. We had a busy, enjoyable morning. Thank you to Miss Mint for organising this outing!

Published on Jan 15

Science and Technology museum

Today year 2 went on a fantastic trip to the Science and Technology museum. They all got a chance to practically explore how the different media’s and ways of communicating work that we have been learning about. From telephones to pictograms, the children had lots of fun communicating to one another. Who knows... maybe we have a future inventor in our classes!

Published on Nov 18

Dinosaur Detectives

Foundation stage have started their new unit 'Dinosaur Detectives'. To spark the children's curiosity and to provide them with an exciting experience they visited Dinosaur Planet. They saw real dinosaur eggs, bones, huge life-like dinosaurs, they journeyed through land and sea then dug for bones in the sand. We had a fantastic, though at times a little frightening, visit to Dinosaur Planet and can't wait to learn more in school.

Published on Nov 6

PPiP’s Halloween Spooktacular

On 31st October, 2017, PPiP celebrated Halloween in the scariest way possible. With students and teachers dressed up as all sorts of different creepy monsters and spooky creatures, lots of fun activities were held. From traditional games such as apple bobbing, to twists on old favorites such as pin the nose on the witch, pumpkin bowling and a spooky beanbag toss, to new games such as a donut comp. there was also face painting and a make your own Halloween lantern booth. We all had a frighteningly good day.

Published on Nov 1

8-and-under Prasarnmit Football Cup

8 teams played in the tournament. There was some great football played by all teams. Well done to all the children who played. Special congratulations to iPlay Academy who were the eventual winners on the day.

Published on Oct 7

Y2 partner gymnastics competition

Y2 partner gymnastics competition

Published on Oct 6

Year 2 explored the environment outside of PPiP

Today Year 2 took their iPad's to help them explored environment outside of PPiP and were encouraged to take pictures of things they liked and disliked.on

Published on Sep 29

Year 3 visited Kidzania as part of their topic 'How Humans Work'

Year 3 visited Kidzania as part of their topic 'How Humans Work'. They had lots of fun trying out different jobs such as doctors, dentists, factory workers and even footballers. It all helped them to think about how our bodies work and maybe it will give them some great ideas for the rest of our topic!

Published on Sep 20

Year1 school trip to Klong Toey Fire Station

This morning Year 1 took a trip to Klong Toey Fire Station, where the experienced firefighters of the department taught us many valuable things about fire safety, demonstrated the rescue procedures and allowed us to perform exercises to give children a first-hand experience and the chance to practice correct procedures in case of a fire. They also gave children an insight to their daily lives, how the station operates and how firefighters await calls to help those in need in case of an emergency.

Published on Sep 13

Teacher Respect Day 2017

Here are the pictures of PPiP students taking part in Teacher Respect Day with the rest of the primary school. Well done to all of the children who took part.

Published on July 19

PPiP End of Academic Year 2017

Yesterday the children, teachers and parents of PPiP came together to celebrate the end of another successful year. Each class exhibited a special performance and awards were presented to our outstanding achievers. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. We were also sad to say goodbye to some of our children and Miss Flo, but we know you will all continue to be successful in your new schools. Enjoy your holidays and we look forward to seeing you for the new year in August!

Published on July 15

Learning Showcase 2016

Thank you to all the parents who came to support the PPiP Showcase of Learning December 2016. Foundation Stage performed the Jolly Christmas Postman and Year 1 and 2 hosted their own awards show. Well done to all the children for their fantastic work.

Published on Dec 16